Fake 3D Lighting

Update (May-20th 2007)

I started a tutorial series explaining the details of this technique. Part one covers the rendering and setup of the images. Following parts will cover the shading algorithm and engine integration.

see Fake 3D Light Tutorial Part 1

Initial post (Sometime in April 2007)

This is a prototype of a fake 3d lighting to be used inside a game engine. I am planning on making this script a class so it can be implemented easier.

Although I used an isometric graphic, as of now the script works for a top down game engine (i.e. Zelda like games), transfer to isometric engines is easy. More on this topic is to come soon...

The initial idea was developed at Gizmondo Studios, Texas. A description of how the idea was used for one of their games can be found at 3d Artist Michael McKinley's website, in his gallery.

To give you an idea of how it works here is a scheme. Basically 5 prerendered sprites are blended according to the mouse position to fake the effect. The farther away the mouse gets, the less opaque the light sprites are thus giving an illusion of fading light. It's that easy.

Fake 3D Light working scheme

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